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Both Quattro and MCIG build support



Quattro (QEXXF aka QXP.V)  rose to .70; I did not sell.  At .63 or so, it remains higher than when I first recommended it based on Value Digger's article (which recommended it even earlier).

MCIG has fallen to .56.  However, charts lead me to believe that many MCIG investors are waiting for better prices.  MCIG's biggest problem lately has appeared to be keeping up with demand.  That's a good problem to have imo.  I bought some of my MCIG shares at around .80 each.  I see no reason to sell for less than what I paid.  In fact, over time, I think this company's stock will rise higher.  If you are an MCIG long, be patient.  The company needs a few quarters at least to show that it can do well.
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