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Balancing MCIG with QEXXF (aka QXP.V)



Earlier I mentioned that I was balancing MCIG with PM.  Although I probably sold PM too early, I have re balanced my holdings with QEXXF (Quattro Exploration).  No time to explain why except to say that it's an undervalued oil play.  I want to send out a special thanks to Value Digger on Seeking Alpha for bringing it to my attention.  

You can read more about Value Digger here:


and his article and comments below mentioning Quattro are here:


Please note:  Value Digger may be coming out with a newsletter soon.  If you purchase it, please mention to him that Private Trader referred you! Note:  I'm plugging Value Digger because of his proven skill.  I have not received any compensation or promise of such for mentioning him here.

NOTE:  I remain an MCIG long, but am concerned short term traders may ruin this stock (regardless of the companies fundamentals, and the CEO has stated mCig's objectives are LONG TERM objectives...).  If it's not clear this stock has strong resistance at 81 cents per share.  Once it breaks that, it's hard to say what will happen, but as long as they can show good sales (which we will see either way in the next few quarters), mCig is decent speculative play.  

Short term traders, and spring / fall stock seasonality, are bouncing it from around .60 to .80, but over time it will be from .61 to .81, then .62 to .82 etc, etc. and one day it might break out of it's current trading range.  I can't guarantee when, but I think it will break to the upside of it's range.   

Quattro is already moving up, and due to seasonality and demand for gas and oil, I expect it to rise sooner than MCIG.
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