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Previous Petition for Grace and Matt Huang


Below is the petition that was slightly dated and thus replaced by a better worded petition on change.org on April 9, 2013.


Free Grace & Matthew Huang From Prison and Celebrate Acts of Love September 12th.

Grace and Matthew Huang are a United States Asian-American couple that is essentially in jail because their love for others cannot be reasonably believed by the bureaucrats in Qatar. Grace and Matthew  adopted 3 beautiful African children, then moved to Qatar where one of them (Gloria) died. Gloria had a pre-existing eating disorder due to starvation and poverty issues BEFORE she was adopted.  Gloria died outside of their presence, however, Grace and Matthew were put in jail under suspicion that they murdered her.   

Government officials in the police investigation of Gloria's death are so close minded to the idea of an Asian-American couple adopting, and sincerely loving, African children that they thought Matthew and Grace adopted Gloria to harvest her organs....

In a made for the movies tragi-comedy, with the intention of holding someone accountable, the police of Qatar describe Gloria as ugly.  Their report implies that any one who is not a black African would not adopt a black African child with legitimate motives. More can be read via the California Innocence project's website.  Lawyers can help, but if you were in jail in a foreign country, for 6 months, for loving a poor African child, who then died despite - not because of - your efforts, how long would you want to wait for a trial?  

Lawyers can only do so much, and here, where Matthew and Grace have already been imprisoned for 6 months without a reasonable chance to even be out on bail, I would not want to wait for a trial, would you?  

Please sign this petition and pledge to pressure the government, the oil companies, and even your friends and family to make this a top story.  Help love conquer hate.

Even if Qatar frees Grace and Matthew, they have already been in prison for 6 MONTHS too long. I want the government of Qatar, America, and EVERY close minded oil country, corporation executive, and/or cop to know that my love, (and perhaps all PEOPLE"S LOVE if concentrated for one day) is deeper than any corporate oil, flows higher than any country's rockets, and is stronger than any fringe group's ignorance, greed, and hate...  We simply need to create a more sensitive system.

I want to thank my brother Eric for inspiring me to write this petition.  Please sign, pass this on, and show your love for Grace and Matthew.   Thanks, and if you can, please forward a link to this petition on to your friends and family.  Your and their signatures can help free Grace and Matthew! 

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