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Orig. Posted on Blogmask Jan 29, 2014 re Netlist


As can be seen by my earlier comments on SA, my latest idea has been Netlist.  


1/29/14 - The Unwritten (and Thus Unfair) Rules Of Seeking Alpha

It is increasingly clear to me that SA will no longer allow authors to publish articles on their site unless 

unwritten requirements are met:

1) Authors must provide a blog.  

This is on top of the SA Instablog, SA articles, and SA comments....

2) The blog must be approved by SA.  Twitter and Facebook are likely to be allowed.  Blogmask is not allowed 

(again, this is not written, but I've been waiting almost a week for a response on this and most responses from 

SA come within days.

3) Surely there will be more unwritten requirements to come.  This failure to communicate can leave an author, 

who prefers to follow quickly moving stocks and situations, in akward positions.  Basically, editorial and other 

delays (who cares about a minor grammar or spelling mistake if the position is clearly defined?) mean that by the 

time anything is published, the author wants to exit his or her position.  However, this could hurt readers (who 

have no idea that the article that was supposed to go out on Friday, was reviewed by editors Monday, then re-

reviewed by the author Tuesday, and fully corrected Wed, then finally editorially approved Thursday.  All this 

delay is possible because of a spelling error.

As I recall, these types of delays hurt my article on Cisco (CSCO).  Where I predicted a $22 price target would 

be met, but by the time the article was published it really wasn't that dramatic a price target.   

Rather than play games, I would prefer to just write.  My position on these matters may change later, but for now 

I will enjoy my literary freedom.  Also, I sincerely hope readers benefit from my work.  For example, Netlist is 

up appx 4% today to $1.54...  If you've made a bit of cash off of Netlist, and you use bitcoin, please consider 

making a donation to this site.   Better yet, hold Netlist for awhile and then when you do sell, make a big 

donation to this site!    

I am likely to write more on Netlist later.


1/29/14 after market close

Fed continues to taper.  SP500, Nasdaq, and DJIA all down at least 1%.
Nasdaq down 1.14% to 4051.43.
Yet Netlist rose 4.55% to $1.61.
Vringo (disclosure:  this is another holding of mine) up 20.65% to 4.79 today.  
-Yet, James Altucher, one of the first to alert me and others about Vringo, said he's thinking it could go as 

high as $20 per share!

Netlist reports Q4 results on Feb 3, 2014, 4PM ET
- for details see:  http://finance.yahoo.com/news/netlist-schedules-fourth-quarter-full-214807822.html
Also Netlist adds more patents to it's legal battles:  
- for details see:   http://finance.yahoo.com/news/netlist-adds-patents-ulltradimm-litigation-214500311.html

Here is what I would expect of the Q4 announcement:  
1)  Netlist has fugly numbers on the balance sheet right now.  Owes money to lenders who will get part of their 

settlement awards.
2)  Netlist is trying to get more money from the settlements onto its balance sheet.
3)  Netlist might need to borrow money or issue shares to have more money to negotiate hard or fight any appeals 

that might delay settlement awards. This would hurt short term investors but longer term investors will benefit 

from the share price going higher because Netlist will have the room it needs to get the highest possible return 

from the legal fights over its patents.

NOTE:  Remember, according to Yahoo finance, the CEO paid $4.29 per share within the last year.  I think he has 

strong incentive to fight for a higher share price than even $4.29.  The lowest professional independent analyst 

price target I can find is $2.25.  As I recall the average of about 4 analysts was $3.59.  

Netlist is the next Vringo.  Inphi appears to owe Netlist big time and I would not be surprised if Inphi stock 

continues to go down for awhile.

Note:  Netlist now looks highly likely to meet the Nasdaq requirement of trading over $1 for 10 consecutive days. 

 I am long Netlist, and despite its fugly fundamentals, and possibly some down days, I think Netlist will 

continue to rise!

I am hoping that blogmask allows me to link to a Netlist chart I made showing its in the upper end of an upward 


If the link on the word "chart" does not appear to work, here is the tinyURL:  http://scharts.co/1hPUHe8

More soon.  
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