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3/31/2014 AH - MCIG up 3% v PM 1% & SPY ~1%


March 31, 2014 After Hours (AH) - I saw MCIG rising 3% to .74.  

Also, stocks holding gains despite negative Chicago PMI:  


I also saw and/or recalled an article on selling puts on PM, 


This made me realize that, for my situation, selling PM and later selling PM puts might make more sense.

So I sold PM, bought Nuance (NUAN) and am examining other stocks that appear more undervalued than PM.  

My feeling is that this market wants to run higher...perhaps over 1900.  Of course, tomorrow I may feel otherwise.  Also, note:  a small company like MCIG is not necessarily as affected by broader market trends as PM.

Regardless of my change in position, some type of position in PM may make sense again soon, and if so I will return to it. 
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