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Spare Me The Crocodile Tears!


In the current political mindset, we - the complacent / compliant public - have become deliberately ignorant to a point
whereby the majority of Australians have swallowed most of the spin around asylum seeking refugees. Seems everybody
prefers the new Goebbels inspired rhetoric of 'illegals', 'queue jumpers', 'transferees' and 'those people'.

But what disgusts me most is the ridiculous defence of the 'Sovereign Borders' policy that it is actually saving thousands
of lives at sea. It may be true but spare me the crocodile tears! If you believe that this bunch of conflicted Catholics really give a rats about
about the dead asylum seekers, then you are sadly mistaken. It's the perfect Mr Sheen for their shameless policies of
dehumanisation, demonisation and mental torture, just wipes it all away with one quick grab, "at least we are preventing
more loss of life at sea!" - Yay! Good on you, you shameless heels. It's so great that thousands of our fellow humans are also
being sent straight to hell via the George Bush come Hitler, come Kim Jong IL inspired 'detention' camps in PNG, Nauru and
Australia. Cool, let's tell them that nothing is ever going to change, no better still, tell them nothing! "That'll teach all those weird
towel heads and curry munchers and God (quickly do that crossing your heart and hope to die jesus thingy) knows what other
smelly breeds come from over there".
The traitorous last incarnate of the former 'Labor' government and the disgraceful propaganda obsessed LNP government of now
show us all exactly how to lie with bare-faced self belief inspired impunity and how to be even more brazen with religious hypocrisy.

This madness must stop, even more so because those hypocrites are doing it in all of our names. Yes, all of us! That includes not only
the bleeding heart lefties and other citizens with a heart but also the deliberately ignorant 'why should we worry' people and the plain
old bigots. 

For humanity's sake STOP STOPPING THE BOATS and show some leadership! We don't have to be cruel to be kind and we certainly
don't want to see another flood of crocodile tears running down those shameless cheeks.

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