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It ain't over 'til it's over


so what now, activate this? Find a better anonymous forum? Create a closed group on facebook for open english teachers, or all online teachers (perhaps English town teachers also have the same problems with their company)?

we all saw this coming when their attitude in the meeting was any dissent makes you part of the unhappy 5%, a bad apple to be tossed out. Teachers really didn't get what contracting means... it mean loyalty to the company means nothing!

Unemployment is high, OE is using only half of its staff. No doubt all this was planned, and they were prepared to replace anyone who is unhappy, speaks up or leaves.

They are not afraid of unionization since contracted workers have had little success on that front (fed ex workers for example). They don't seem to care about all the negative student feedback on their FB page, about the company changes and the commercials.

But they did make it clear they don't want any negative publicity for their company from unhappy teachers! So they will find a way to stick to their line that their is an ultra minority that is unhappy and should just be replaced. But if we stick together, regroup, and come up with a new plan, we may be able to get some of the improvements we deserve!

And the first step with the elimnation of jive is finding another means to have a voice at work...
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