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Online Anonymity Tools & Services


This is a directory of software tools and web services for online anonymity & anti-censorship. I'll update it as new ones become available and older ones go defunct.



Here is an excerpt from Anonyme's Privacy Terms:

"We may preserve or disclose your information if we believe that it is reasonably necessary to comply with a law, regulation or legal request"

In other words Anonyme doesn't protect your personal information from the very people who your personal information most needs protecting from: the government. Kind of like a fire department that doesn't put out any fire set by an arsonist.

You can, however, register without an email address. This isolates your username from any other online identities you might have. Just make sure to hide your IP address and don't post any personally identifiable information.


According to Network23's main page

We have a policy of no unnecessary data retention. We don’t hold any other personal details apart from your email so your email is the only information that we can be legally forced to hand over.  Your email address is stored on the server to send you password resets and to contact you with technical information or for legal reasons. If you can be traced by your email address then this data may end up in the wrong hands if the server were to be seized. Be aware of this. We suggest that you apply from a secure email address if you can. We suggest aktivix.org or riseup.net as email providers.

And as regards take-down notices:

If we receive a legally binding take down notice we will contact you and try to support you. To do this you need to be able to reply to the emails we send you within a reasonable time. If you don’t we may have to take the website offline until you do get back to us.



Activix requires a referral from another activix user in order to join. Like RiseUp.Net, it is expressly political and expects its email service not to be used to advocate political causes that are right-of-center.


Riseup.net encrypts your email traffic whenever possible, doesn't disclose your location to email recipients and doesn't log your internet address. It automatically deletes the contents of your Spam, Trash and Sent folders at regular intervals and also destroys any information you give them as part of your account request.

However the only quick way to register an account is with an invite from another RiseUp.net user. Otherwise you have to fill out a request form and be prepared to wait several weeks for approval of your account. Another possible con: RiseUp.net is explicitly political and explicitly leftist. Its Terms of Service expressly forbid the use of its webmail for advocacy of any political views right-of-center. If that sounds like you then you'll need to find another email service provider.


Yandex has nothing to do with anonymity per say, but it is a free webmail provider that doesn't require telephone verification in order to register a new account, thereby forcing you to give up personally identifiable information. However, it probably still logs your activity so you will need to use it in combination with other anonymizing tools such as Tor and PGP encryption.

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