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This is a financial blog for a Private Trader ("PT").  Originally posted on or about January 2014.  Last updated March 30, 2014

Summary of Below:




PT, and communications posted online or otherwise by PT, here or on Seeking Alpha, do not constitute, and are not intended as, financial, investing, or trading advice. Readers should consult with an independent financial professional for such and do their own due diligence.  PT also recommends all readers do their own due diligence, including visiting 


PT realizes http://www.pumpsanddumps.com/ is also an anonymous site.  PT is not affiliated with http://www.pumpsanddumps.com, and does not recommend that that site be the only additional research an investor does on a stock.  

Please do your own due diligence, and realize that, PT, the writer of this blog DOES have biases, which you will know and not know, such as, but not limited to, other positions for the need to change positions without having time to immediately post an update or explanation of such.  Furthermore, financial experts suggest that small, micro-cap, and/or speculative stocks (such as those often discussed on this site) should not take up more than 10% of one's total investment or trading portfolio.  


PT has no other active financial blogs except for that on Seeking Alpha.com ("SA").  If PT opens up another account, PT will attempt to notify readers on this very page PLUS the SA profile page simultaneously.  

Compensation Outside of Trading

PT receives NO compensation for writing about stocks on Blogmask, or on any other websites, about stocks, except for what might be received from Seeking Alpha, or from entering and exiting positions.  At this time and until further notice, PT currently considers work here, and on Seeking Alpha to be volunteer, and/or part-time work.  If any further articles are published by PT on SA, PT is likely to donate any or all proceeds to charity (as will be picked by default by Seeking Alpha).  In this way, PT might be compensated by SA.   

PT is not being paid to write these articles on Blogmask.  PT has no personal knowledge of the owner(s) of Blogmask, but is grateful for their providing a space from which PT can write.  PT generally supports the idea of bitcoin and may write about this in the future.

SA Rules Of Three Day Holds Are Not Well Designed for Articles on Small / Micro-cap Stocks

PT has been published on SA in the past.  If published on SA in the future, PT may thereby be restricted from trading the equity per SA's rules (which as of 1/27/14) restrict authors from buying or selling a position for up to 3 days.  In 3 hours, much less 3 days, one may have good reasons to change one's position on a small or micro-cap stock.  For this reason, PT has pointed out to SA that such rules make it difficult for PT, or any serious small or microcap investor to publish anything to anyone.  

Those who know don't speak, those who speak don't know. 
Lao Tzu

Because publishing on SA, especially regarding small or micro-cap stocks could make PT appear to be a liar or a fool, PT does not plan to submit such articles to SA anytime soon.  PT last indicated an interest in publishing an article (covering Netlist) on SA February 11, 2014.  Even before that time PT tried to submit an article on Netlist but timely publication seemed to be slowed by back and forth with SA's editorial staff.  PT has not heard back from SA since then.  Netlist rose from approximately $1.40 - $2.30 between January and March 2014.  During that time, PT held Netlist for more than 3 days at a time, however, in some situations one can make more profits by trading in and out of a stock several times.  

PT's believes that holding small cap, as well as large and mid cap stocks can be part of a well diversified portfolio.  If PT submits another article to SA it is likely to be on a mid or large cap stock.  In contrast, this blog allows PT to write about all types of stocks and PT does not have to wait for editorial reviews, etc.  

If PT is not a huckster or fraud, why the anonymity?

When speaking truth to so called power, one becomes vulnerable.  In the past, PT stood up against a bully to protect a weaker person.  The bully could not directly stand up against PT and succeed.  Eventually, the bully chose a tactic called gang-stalking.  Some interesting perspectives on it are here:


Note too, PT is not affiliated with any of these sites, and PT does not necessarily endorse any of the political views expressed therein.  The only exception being that PT believes citizens need to be educated more on this issue to support laws to prevent gang-stalking.  This issue is also similar to the realization that more needs to be done to prevent bullying in the school place.  Essentially, physical violence between humans is often a waste of energy because over time the market, though biased and imperfect, can be used to test ideas.  

PT found it hard to do deep research, trade, or post while being gang-stalked, thus was away for awhile from publishing on SA (and/or other sites).


- Make a bitcoin donation to Blogmask and tell them you were inspired to do so by Private Trader.  OR
- Where appropriate, on other sites, such as Twitter, Stocktwits, SeekingAlpha, or Investorshub.com, mention and link to this site.  OR
- As appropriate, feel free to respond to posts with an exchange of ideas versus name calling or "you're wrong cause I said so" reasoning.  OR
- Just enjoy it, and if you make profits, please find a way to share them with those less fortunate, and best wishes! 

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