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Open English is a Joke


The idea of learning English online without having to commute is great for many of our students. But that's about the only thing Open English offers nowadays. Integrity? Transparency? All gone. It's become a money making machine with little regard for the student experience or teacher satisfaction. I've been here since the early days. The days when Andres Moreno and company still had a say in what happened. To be honest, it had the feel of a small internet start-up. Sure there were no benefits and the wage was only good for teachers who lived abroad, but so what? We were changing the game. Now it's like the reins have been given to a business manager. A drunk ship captain is at the helm right now, and it shows. LP2 has not received many positive reviews, no one can verify 'employment' or contract status with Open English, and all concerns must be addressed via JIVE. The pay cap is ridiculous as well. Englishtown, Colingo, and other online institutions start their teachers at at least $14 an hour. These companies don't need cute commercials or an online message board that's taken on the feel of a 1960's love concert. (Woodstock?) They stick to the basics; good live instruction, given by satisfied teachers, to eager students. It's a model that works. 

Being fresh out of college, inexperienced, and living in Nowhere City, Brazil or Small Town, Bolivia, Open English was like a godsend. I thank them for the opportunity they gave me so many years ago. But this isn't the Open English I knew. They say what you don't know can't hurt you. Other English teaching professionals make a livable wage, know their status as either employees or contractors, and can honestly voice their opinions without having to wash them in loads of smiley faces and optimistic foolishness. Adults should be able to freely exchange ideas respectfully and tactfully. If you really want to know what goes on in the 'real world' of Open English, just look them up on glassdoor.com. IT professionals, content developers, and marketing personnel DETEST this place. So a big thanks to whoever wrote this email. I work the bare minimum with Open English now. Most of my hours come from a similar, yet more professional online institution. With children, long term professional goals, and self-respect, I needed something else. Something more stable and less emotionally driven. Open English is great for teachers living abroad, teachers who earn a secondary income, or teachers that just need a few extra dollars. 

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