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Fear is normal, but don't let it stop you!


I am sorry you lost 3 nights of sleep, didn`t sleep, and upset your children.

Speaking up to the boss (Free Speech) and taking concerted action (freedom of association/right to organize) are pretty fundamental democratic rights that most countries at least give lip service to.

Do you want to teach your kids to be cowards and accept whatever crap falls on them in life? I would rather teach my kids to overcome their fears and be leaders. You have to be strong to be a single mother, so be strong on the job too! Teachers are supposed to be professionals, with self-respect and a voice on the job!

What has education and this company come to if people have to fear for their jobs for posting on jive, fear for their jobs because someone sent an e-mail to a publicly listed e-mail list?

Isn't Open English named such because of a supposed commitment to an open culture? That is not possible without job security and respect!

What makes me sick is someone getting this upset over someone expressing their opinion. What makes me sick is that there are legitimate reasons teachers feel the need to express themselves secretly on this blog. If we had job security, we could have frank discussions on jive, and there wouldn`t be people feeling the need to kiss ass to get job security. There wouldn't be people freaking out over others mildly speaking up on independent spaces like private e-mail or this blog.

In the absence of job security and rights, I sure do home the anger and participation increases. And I hope OE and the media gets look at this, especially in some of the many left-wing countries OE operates! Hugo Chavez isn't around to let Andres Moreno have it, but Evo Morales and others are!

Fear is normal when something is new, but don`t let it stop you; it is meant to be overcome!
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