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What is a JUST WAGE for our work?


There may not be agreement on some issues, but everyone agrees we should be paid more. We can`t control having to pay taxes. We can`t control the changes OE makes to the system. These changes increase monitoring and our workload. A pay increase is more necessary than ever if software improvements are going to increase our productivity. If OE fears are going to increase our tax burden, they need to help relieve it.

The business is growing, sales are increasing, productivity is increasing, profits are increasing, but wages are staying the same! While we enjoy the flexibility, it has slowly been eroding. We already sacrifice without having benefits and job security, not to mention insufficient hours, so the least that can be done is paying decent wages for the work we do. Currently, we get paid like food service workers, not teachers!

Proposed Federal Minimum Wage: $10.10/hr
Federal Minimum wage based on 1968 rate, adjusted for inflation: $10.50/hr
Federal Minimum Wage if kept up with productivity gain: $18.75/hr
And if it grew at the same rate as  wages for the top 1%: $28/hr

Local Minimum Wages: DC, Oregon and Washington- over $9/hr, going up to $11.50/hr in DC.

Many workers in low-wage service industry jobs have demanded and won $15/hr minimum wage. Seattle is considering $15/hr after a socialist was elected to the city council because of support for the demand. Fast-food workers all over the country speaking up and even striking for a $15/hr minimum wage. Should a teacher make any less?

Click here for the capitalist case for a $15 minimum wage.
Click here for the socialist case for a $15 minimum wage.

What would a raise do for you and your family?
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