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Right on! 


I support this movement 100% and encourage everyone to stand together. They cannot silence us if we all stand together behind the same message. A company cannot run without it's workers. Everyone must be united. 

OE employees are not truly independent contractors and we were always paying the company's own taxes. They intentionally misclassified to avoid having to pay taxes. 

We can not let them get away with this. It's wrong; morally and legally. 

Also, teachers should absolutely be paid for prep time. If you want good teachers, you need to pay them for prep time. Teaching is hard, and if OE cares about students learning, they need to acknowledge that. Stop letting teachers work for free. 

I didn't prepare for classes because I felt I was being exploited for the tax reasons mentioned above, the lack of control of my schedule when I'm supposed to be an "independent contractor" and because there was no compensation for this prep time. I can guarantee I would have been a better teacher if prep time was paid for. 
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